Brain Campaign

The Brain Campaign was launched to help both youth and adults understand how alcohol affects All parts of the brain. When it comes to Grey Matter, it ALL Matters.

Alcohol affects ALL parts of the brain. For example

Part of the Brain


Alcohols Effect

Cerebral Cortex Processing information related to vision, hearing, touch, movement, and smell. Others are responsible for critical thinking, reasoning, and producing and understanding language. Senses will be dulled, which can cause blurred vision, decreased hearing, and impaired smelling and tasting.
Prefrontal Cortex Judgement, critical thinking and reasoning Decrease in language, thinking, and reasoning skills

Balance, posture, coordination

Coordinates the actions of the muscles and makes sure that the body moves smoothly and efficiently

A lack  a lack of fine-motor skills and problems with balance and coordination, such as difficulty walking and picking up and handling objects
Brain Stem Controls many basic functions, such as heart rate, breathing, eating, and sleeping Slows breathing and heart rate and lowers body temperature. This can shut down the brainstem’s functions and cause a coma.
Limbic System The brain’s reward circuit, which allows humans to feel pleasure from doing things that they like. It also plays an important role in memory formation and learning Addiction
Hippocampus Processing and storing new information and experiences Remembering becomes difficult and learning is impaired.

Media Campaign

The campaign also includes a variety of radio Public Service Announcement to support the brain campaign message. You can click on any of the titles to access the mp3 file.

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