The Coalition employs a variety of avenues to reach out to parents and other adults to provide them with information and skills they will need to work with kids on the issue of alcohol.

Our oldest and biggest effort each year is the DARE Parent Program for the parents of 5th grade students – but it is not the only one. Our parent education efforts are outlined below.

The Parents Program provides a very valuable opportunity to insure that each child is receiving the same message from parents at home as he or she is getting in school. By completing 4 at home assignments and by attending one 2-hour training program each month for 3 months parents are able to arm themselves with the kinds of skills and information that will help them feel confident addressing drugs, substance abuse and related topics.

Lunch ‘n Learns with local companies: Local businesses will often host us to provide lunch time presentations that their employees can attend while they eat.

Presenting at local meetings: Such as at a Kiwanis meeting or a Parent-Teacher group. Getting the information out in other ways: Information can be provided to parents in other ways as well. We use radio ads, news articles, and information booths at local events.