Warning Labels

In order to make the public aware of the dangers and addictiveness of alcohol, the Coalition’s youth empowerment teams often go into stores and apply a variety of warning stickers on six-packs, bottles of wine, and cases of beer that carry prevention messages about alcohol.

Some of the stickers have messages that state: “Caution this product is addictive”. Other stickers emphasize the consequences of providing alcohol to minors or offer rewards for information leading to the arrest of anyone responsible for providing alcohol to a minor. One sticker reminds parents that the most common source of alcohol for a child’s first drink is stealing it from their own parents or a friend’s parents.

Another set of stickers emphasizes the consequences of underage drinking, reminding the public that underage drinking is associated with such things as: suicide and depression, sexual assault, unwanted pregnancy, violence, injury and addiction. Sample stickers are displayed below.