Coalition Partners with Dover Restaurants to Reduce Underage Drinking

by Dover Police Charities

The Coalition works with local individuals, organizations and businesses to provide resources and programs to help further our mission.The Coalition’s executive board is comprised of business and community members including Brian Kelly of Kelly’s Row, representing restaurant and bar owners. The Coalition recognizes that many businesses in the Dover community have liquor licenses and that they are a valuable partner in helping to address underage drinking.

The Coalition recently received federal grant funds to expand and enhance our efforts to prevent underage drinking. This funding will allow us to work more closely with liquor licensees and provide resources and support in efforts that can reduce the negative consequences of alcohol use.

The Coalition will be hosting a meeting with Dover restaurant owners and managers to seek their input on how the Coalition can support their efforts to reduce youth access to alcohol and prevent underage drinking. Working with restaurant owners and managers will allow the Coalition to better provide information, resources, and programming that would beneficial to liquor licensees.

The Coalition will also be providing liquor licensees with information about current liquor laws, identifying fake-IDs, developing house policies, and how to receive more training. We look forward to working with the restaurants and bars owners of Dover to build a healthy community for our youth.

For more resources go to the Coalition website and click the tab Resources For You-> Business-> liquor licensees

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